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Responsibility for ecology by processing plastics is a main goal we pursue. This also determines our product development. The use of plastics nowadays has almost no limits and many materials can be substituted by plastics. As a result, the properties of the product can be improved in many technical and ecological aspects.

Already in initial steps like consulting and R&D  the recycling and recovery of raw materials is an important issue for us. The philosophy of the cradle-to-cradle concept shows us the way. We take the challenge and shape our success with an efficient modern production on the one hand and with high ecological demands on the other.

Environmentally conscious handling of resources and the combination of economics and ecology in the sense of contemporary thought is fundamental in our company.

We meet these requirements also through the DIN EN ISO 14001: 2005 certification as well as through the implementation of the requirements of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of 31 July 2013 on systems for improving energy efficiency (SpaEfV §5 ).